Visiting badge software in manesar

Badging module is used for creating temporary badges for the visitors. Normally when a visitor comes at the reception, the receptionist or the security person will ask the visitor about the details about the appointment and will try to locate the specific appointment based on the user name or organization name. Once these details are picked up few other relevant details like the Address, phone no, Organization details etc. are also registered. Using a Digital Camera a photograph of the visitor is taken and a badge is printed within few seconds with all the necessary details, terms and conditions etc. Get Free Visitor Management software demo @ 9205656556 – Appointment based system. Pre-register a visitor for a faster pass generation – Long term or contractor badges with contractor employee management system – VIP badges – Capture photograph of every visitor – Customized badge design for individual choices – Easy integration to access control system – Restrict entry as a visitor for individuals on a watch-out list – Easy data entry via Import facility Website