Shri Dhan Laxmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra

Shri Dhan Laxmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra Price:Rs. 1,500 Shri Laxmi Kuber Dhan Varsha Yantra is placed in millions of homes and workplaces and people have been able to overcome financial instability and difficulty. By establishing Shree Maa Laxmi and God of Wealth Lord Kuber Kunji, households have experienced wealth, happiness and prosperity. Bring Shri Dhan Varsha and Lord Kuber Kunji in your home or your workplace today and your family will always be blessed with physical, mental and spiritual happiness. The complete kit is designed in such a way so that your all wishes can be fulfilled. 1. Laxmi Charan Paduka 2. Rare Godess Laxmi Idol 3. 3 Laxmi Kavach Pendants 4. Sumeru Yantra 5. Shri Laxmi Yantra 6. Shri Kuber Kunji Email : URL : Website